BigKath: Just in case you were wondering, "bigkath" is made up of the first part of my last and first names and has nothing to do with my size. :o)

My pet peeves...

Things that I struggle with and are frustrating to me . . .

  • People who are disrespectful and inconsiderate of others (being disruptive in a concert or fireside; being loud when people are trying to sleep, study, or listen; not being fair)
  • Not knowing what is going on: I hate being told "Never mind", "Don't worry about it" or "I'll tell you later." I want to know what's going on.  And if you really didn't want to tell me, then why bring it up? I don't like feeling confused and "out of the loop." I'm naive enough as it is.
  • Closed doors: makes me feel shut out and not welcome, makes me wonder what is going on on the other side (see above comment).
  • Being told: "welcome to my life", "been there done that", etc. It tells me that whatever I'm experiencing is something you've already been through and that you are better than me. That I should just buck-up and deal with it. This is not validating.  It tears me down.
  • People telling me "I told you so" says that you are smarter and that I was stupid. It tears me down. I'm hard enough on myself. I don't need criticism from others.
  • Backseat drivers (and not just in the car). When people start telling me what to do, the message I get is that they don't trust me, my decisions, or my way of doing things, and that my opinion doesn't matter. I don't need someone to tell me what to do (unless I ask). I just need someone to be on my side and support me and accept my feelings and opinions. This will help me have confidence in myself and my ability to make choices and succeed. And I will be more open to encouragement, suggestions, and ideas from you. 
  • Running out of time. Feeling rushed. Being late. 
  • When things just disappear.  I just had it and now it's gone: keys, driver's license, wallet, a favorite t-shirt with a flag (never found it).  

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