BigKath: Just in case you were wondering, "bigkath" is made up of the first part of my last and first names and has nothing to do with my size. :o)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thanks for a Wonderful Birthday!

Happy Birthday

Thank you to everyone who made me birthday so great!  It was the best birthday I have ever had.  I loved the letters and emails that I received.
Breakfast in Bed

My day started off with breakfast in bed, cooked with love by my darling roommate, Jeniel.  That was a first for me!  I had never had breakfast in bed before.  I then found my room decorated with notes of love and things I have accomplished. 

Before church, Jeniel sang a song and played the guitar. She had rewritten the lyrics for me for my birthday.  It was BEAUTIFUL and almost made me cry! 

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and I spoke about the Sacrament.  It added some stress to my weekend but it ended up being a blessing.
I have the best parents!

I have the best brother and friends!
I have the best roommate!
That evening I had a yummy dinner with my family and some friends.  We played games and had a great time!  I feel very blessed to have been born at such a time that I could be with my wonderful family and meet the amazing friends that I have.  I feel so grateful to Heavenly Father for the blessings He has given me. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Katherine's Birthday Wish . . .

My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I have a birthday wish.  One of my most favorite things in the world is getting a letter or note from someone I love.  So for my birthday this year will you write me a letter?

And in that letter will you tell me what you appreciate or admire about me, what you see as my strengths, how I have helped you or influenced your life, something you have learned from me, a memory you have of me, or anything else you want to tell me.  And also, will you give me some advice, perhaps about a weakness you have observed or something else you think I can change and improve upon

You can make it long or short, simple or cute.  You can type it and email it to me, print it and mail it, or go the extra mile and hand write it!

(This whole thing is OPTIONAL.  I'm not going to make anyone do it. :o) 

I just wanted to do something different for my birthday this year.  Thanks for helping me make it more meaningful and memorable and for making all of my dreams come true!  It is a great blessing to have you in my life.  Yes, YOU!  You are the best family and friends anyone could ask for!

I love you all!