BigKath: Just in case you were wondering, "bigkath" is made up of the first part of my last and first names and has nothing to do with my size. :o)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My daddy

My dad is:

hard working
a priesthood holder

I love my daddy boy.  Happy Father's day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another year, rediscovering myself

It was an interesting birthday this year.  Some years are better than others I guess.  My birthday last year was so amazing thanks to my great roommates and friends at the time and thanks to all of you who sent me those birthday letters.

This year, most of my family and friends were gone. :(  My brother did fly back into town that day so I was glad at least he came home on my birthday.  We had some brother-sister time before I had to get back to do clinic and other school stuff.  That evening a couple of my friends who were still around came with me to hike the Y.  It was a small group and a little awkward at times, but it ended up okay.  The weather was perfect and Heavenly Father gave me a beautiful sunset to end the day!

I contemplated the past year or so; the things I've accomplished and the kind of person I have become.  I'm almost finished with graduate school and in another time of transition.  I'm in a place in life I never thought I would be: a single woman and working professional (which is that LAST thing I ever wanted).  But I have been given this time to serve my family and friends and all of Heavenly Father's children. 

I think this next year will be a time to rediscover myself.  I want to work on:
  • being more supportive and loving to my friends and family by being there for them and finding ways to show them I care
  • being more willing to sacrifice and take more time for people, because people and relationships are the most important things in life
  • not letting fear get in the way of faith and progress
  • be more diligent in my gospel study and fully trusting Heavenly Father to make my life what He wants
  • developing talents (piano, dance, photography, guitar, and I'm working on getting the courage to start learning the cello!)