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Monday, May 26, 2014

Disneyland Birthday!

My 30th birthday was the best birthday EVER! I was not looking forward to being 30 and still single. So I decided to take a trip to Disneyland with my family and that was the best thing I could have done! As I watched the magical fireworks, with tears in my eyes, I thought to myself 'I'm 30, and I'm in Disneyland, and everything is going to be okay!"

It has been an emotional year but I've been making a lot of good changes. I'm realizing that I need to invest in myself and my own needs in order to be truly happy and be able to serve Heavenly Father's children.

Disneyland really is a magical place! I love it! Why?!?! Because at Disney, they really know how to treat people and make them feel like a million bucks. That is the single most important thing they do that has made them SO successful. The Disney employees are so kind and patient and are there to do whatever it takes to make your day magical.
Have a Magical Day!

I had a few experiences that illustrated the amazing kindness and patience of the Disney employees, despite disgruntled, selfish, and impatient park guests and exhausted, overstimulated screaming children.  Disneyland isn't perfect and I'm sure there are occasional bad experiences with the employees. But the values and principles that are emphasized and practiced by the employees are a wonderful model on how to be successful in LIFE. We all deal with people every day. Treating everyone with kindness and patience makes everything go so much smoother. It also makes them want to come back again and again!

Everybody loves Olaf!

Cars Land at night is SO cool!

Mom was a good sport and went on California Screaming' since it was my birthday.
Afterward she said "I'm never doing that again!" Thanks for coming, Mom! You were so brave!
I think Tower of Terror was our favorite! Can you tell???

Look who we got to go on Tower of Terror! Mom actually liked it but Dad hated it!

Watch out for the crazy driver!

Radiator Springs Racers was a blast!

Happy Birthday, Princess Katherine
2 days of fun coming to an end

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